Respiratory Illness

How to Heal Conditions of the Human Respiratory System


The human respiratory system, like many other systems of the body, comprises several different brain and body functions working together to achieve a common purpose: getting our most vital life force requirement, air.

Air makes a journey through us and out again to the world, reconditioned into a carbon-dioxide-rich form, the vital requirement for plant life. We animals trade back and forth with the plants of the Earth, swapping oxygen for carbon dioxide and back again.

Our respiratory system was built on the "technology" of the human digestive system. After all, oxygen is just a more sophisticated type of nutrient for our bodies, a quick energy supply needed to run the combustion requirements of the animal form.

Because breathing is an immediate and constant nutritional need to the human body, the human respiratory system shares - and has priority control over - the primary feeding equipment of the body, the throat area. The rest of the human respiratory system organs and tissues are located immediately inside the protective ribcage. We've been designed in such a way as to make sure that oxygen gets to the heart and lungs before food and water get to the stomach and intestines.

Diseases of the human respiratory system are of four origins:

1. Diseases resulting from problems of getting enough air:

  • mucousy coughs
  • lung cancer
  • emphysema
  • lung tuberculosis
  • fibrosis

These diseases processes are coordinated by the pons of the brainstem.

2. Diseases resulting from territorial problems that might endanger our lives by affecting our ability to breathe.

  • bronchitis, bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis
  • cough
  • asthma
  • laryngitis
  • runny nose
  • sinus infections
  • croup
  • polyps
  • pneumonia
  • SARS
  • breathing too fast or too slow
  • pulmonary embolism

These diseases are coordinated by the cortex of the cerebrum - the wrinkly outer "bark" of the brain.

3.Diseases that affect the human respiratory system equipment but actually originate from food-related problems, not air-related problems.

  • sore throat
  • earaches
  • 'flu/influenza with vomiting
  • tonsillitis

Food- and air-related symptoms often occur together, both because of the related conflicts and because of the related physical equipment and brain areas. These diseases are coordinated by the pons of the brainstem.

4.Diseases that arise from our need to protect our human respiratory system:

  • pleurisy
  • pleural effusion
  • shortness of breath
  • snoring
  • silicosis, asbestositis
  • bacterial infections of the human respiratory system

These diseases are coordinated by the cerebellum.

The various disease symptoms that can appear in the human respiratory system are all either active conflict symptoms or healing symptoms that appear after the active conflict situation goes away or is resolved.

These symptoms can present triggers to cause new active conflicts, leading to new symptoms. Because of this effect, most official respiratory diseases are some combination of these various symptoms.

All symptoms in the human respiratory system, like all symptoms anywhere in the body, have specific causes; they are brain-mediated responses to real life experiences.

Determining the cause of your symptoms, by understanding the purpose and function of your anatomy and understanding the biological laws of disease and healing creates a very real possibility that you can heal them.

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