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"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." ~Marie Curie

The difference between holistic-style medicine and conventional-style medicine begins with a philosophy of how the world works. In German, this philosophy is called the "weltanschauung": your weltanschauung is your comprehensive view of the world and human life.

The predominant weltanschauung of our time is that our world is a machine, the whole universe acting as a clockwork with one part acting on another part in an essentially mechanistic and linear process. When a part breaks down, the way to fix the system is to find the bad part and remove it. Or, if it's a crucial component, replace it.

True to this weltenschauung, conventional modern-style medicine takes our bodies apart into various systems, functions, and parts, and focuses directly on those parts of our bodies that aren't working optimally. Disease is seen as a product of flawed equipment, and healing is therefore seen as equipment repair by biochemical or anatomical removal and replacement. To achieve this goal, conventional-style medical treatment usually involves the use of drugs, radiation, or surgery to excise the malfunctioning tissues so that the remainder of the organism can be considered "disease-free."

Holistic-style medicine, on the other hand, examines the entire body, the human that the body belongs to, its environment, and all the interrelations between these systems, as a single, whole being. That's because "holo" means "whole."

Obviously, to see and work with the whole system requires a completely different approach than the reductionist one used by conventional-style medicine. A holistic practitioner must use systems thinking, a complexity theory approach, and must know more about emergence, process, patterns, and other systems theory. A conventional practitioner, by contrast, must know a lot about anatomy and chemistry, since the conventional-style medical practitioner's role is to look for "bad parts" and replace them. Even if these parts are just chemical parts.


In a holographic picture (a hologram), every part contains the entire picture, from its own special angle. So, if you cut a hologram of, say, a vase of flowers in two, each half of the hologram will show a vase of flowers, not a half-vase of flowers or a vase in one hologram and flowers in the other. And if you cut those hologram pieces in two again, you'll have four holographic pictures, each depicting an entire vase of flowers.

The only difference between the original hologram and all its pieces is that the pieces will show the vase of flowers from fewer directions, so the image will have less detail.

Holistic medicine is just like a hologram: every part of holistic medicine looks at your entire being. The only difference between different types of holistic-style medicine is the angles from which the whole system is seen.

By comparison, conventional-style medicine can be compared to seeing the world as a photograph. If there's a part of the picture you don't like, you attempt to fix it by cutting it out and pasting in a different part. So medical doctors will specialize in treating skin problems or cancer or bone problems or mental illness or heart surgery or dealing with front-line diagnosis.

Except that none of us is only a mind or skin or a heart or a bone or a tumor or a case of bronchitis or a breech-positioned fetus. We are each living, changing beings having experiences and continuously developing throughout our lives in accordance to the circumstances of our surroundings.

Any Holistic MindBody Healing approach to medicine, including the German New Medicine, must, by definition, treat our entire system - body, brain, psyche, life situation, and functional environment - as a single, holographic whole. A holistic-style medicine practitioner sees a problem in one part of the body system as a direct reflection of a problem in our entire life system.

Fortunately, over the last four decades our society has made great strides forward in being able to accept and deal with complexity and complex systems. This allows us to understand what is going on in and around us not according Newtonian laws about action and reaction, but instead according to overarching laws such as the laws of thermodynamics, gravity, and so on.

With this weltanschauung, German New Medicine® and other holistic-style medicine practitioners have been able to uncover biological laws of disease and healing that were there all along. Using this knowledge, we can uncover the true causes of disease and we can therefore make our lives better and heal in a real and lasting way.

First Biological Law: the Iron Rule of the DHS
- Every disease begins with a very special kind of event that requires your biological energy.

Second Biological Law: the Two Phases of Holistic Healing
and the Meaning and Purpose of the Healing Crisis - Every disease process has both an initial response phase and a healing phase, which is completed with the help of the healing crisis. Disease symptoms fall into one of the two phases and so rather than there being thousands of separate diseases, there are really only a few hundred.

Third Biological Law: the Ontogeny system of Disease and Healing
- diseases are really just extreme examples of what we are already going through in our ongoing growth and development throughout life.

Fourth Biological Law: the Role of Germs in Disease and Healing
- Microbes such as tuberculosis, fungi, yeasts, bacteria and viruses are not the cause of disease, but they are often important participants in the process and are built into our bodies to help us.

Fifth Biological Law: the Quintessence of Nature's Intelligent Design
- Nature does not make mistakes and is never, ever inefficient. There is a meaning to everything.

With conventional-stye medicine, however, we live in fear of what our flawed, mechanistic bodies might "do to us" at any time. Our health is taken out of our hands. We go to specialists and experts and we hope for the best.

Since we have been taught that everything in the world tends to become more and more disorganized, we have on the flip side of that been taught that it's just a matter of time until we start to fall apart, physically. That's when diseases "find" us and bring us down. Ever notice that you get sick after you've worked too hard or been too stressed out?

Holistic-style medicine philosophy does not see the body as something that is always on the verge of falling apart.

Nature, hundreds of millions of years ago, developed patterns for dealing with every situation that we living organisms might encounter. The "energy" to deal with situations and experiences must come from somewhere, because energy is neither created nor lost, ever. In our day-to-day lives, the energy to deal with all the situations in our lives comes from our bodies, from our minds, from our attention, and from anywhere else we can get it.

The consequence of "spending" more energy than we receive as our daily allotment is entropy in our lives: increasing "disorder." It will manifest as an increased sense of dissatisfaction, greater physical disorder in our homes (and cars and workplace), a scattered social life, a lack of personal integrity, and greater mental disorganization. We'll sustain injuries to our bodies as we fail to respond quickly enough to the physical requirements of our environment. Things just won't work right.

This state of entropy in our bodies and in our lives is called disease.

Disease will manifest as specific kinds of symptoms, such as having cold hands and feet, because the stressed person's body devotes less energy to metabolism. We may lose weight, as more of our physical body energy is devoted to solving current situations and as we devote less energy to getting and eating food. And our mental energy - our attention - will be riveted on the problem; we will think of little else until our situations are resolved.

But when our situations are resolved, all that energy that was poured into solving the problem is no longer needed. Our situation reverses and our bodies begin to take in more energy than we put out, in order to bring our entire biological system back into the balance we were living before the whole trouble started.

The five biological laws of Nature, as re-discovered in the holistic medicine called the German New Medicine, explain in detail the exact mechanisms by which energy is demanded, expended, and then regained by our bodies.

Let your weltanschauung become a happier one by understanding these laws.

The First Biological Law
- The event that triggers every disease process.

The Second Biological Law
- Every kind of disease has two phases.

The Third Biological Law
- All diseases follow an ontogenetic system.

The Fourth Biological Law
- The role of germs in disease and healing.

The Fifth Biological Law
- Every disease has a meaning; the quintessence is that Nature makes no mistakes.

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