The Immune System

The Immune System, Auto-Immune Disorders, and Immune Deficiency


Immune function from the German New Medicine® perspective


Immune system disorders such as auto-immune disorders, immune deficiency, and allergies are much more common in large cities, among upper-middle classes and among people who have a period of history in their life that included "high living," meaning extensive use of recreational drugs, especially stimulants. In contrast, immune system problems are far less known in developing countries, and in those countries, it is the wealthy classes that suffer these problems.

As cliche as it is to say so, it is nonetheless true that peasant classes have generally been healthier than urban classes, and it is now well known that tribal peoples and prehistoric ancestors are and were much healthier than the civilized people that replace them.

Immune system problems, immune deficiencies, and auto-immune disorders all refer to situations and symptoms in which the body's immune system is thought to be functioning incorrectly.

These include situations:

* where the body doesn't properly repel "microbial invaders" (immune deficiency including AIDS symptoms),

* where the body overreacts to normal substances or toxins (allergies), or

* where the body is thought to be "attacking" its own self (auto-immune disorders).

Immune problems have only recently appeared in the history books. Those who suffered, historically, were without exception the noble class: the very rich, the coddled, the people who didn't get out there in the "real world" and get their hands dirty. These were the sensitive, weak persons who needed to "take the cure" in better climates, or seek out special care for "nervous disorders." Try to imagine a hungry child in Africa saying "no thanks, I'm allergic to that."

Such disorders became more and more common throughout the Nineteenth Century as the middle class expanded around the world, fueled by the wealth of the Industrial Revolution. In fact, the modern medical industry in its current form arose in step with and taking full financial advantage of the middle class.

As it turns out, the immune system as we understand it doesn't actually exist.

The immune system theory is only a few decades old, and is only a theory, predicated on a series of hypotheses, many of which have been disproved and don't support the theory at all. The immune system is seen as a series of defense systems, like soldiers, that "attack" incoming "invaders."

The flaw in this concept is in the idea of the attacking invaders. There's no such thing. Cancer cells and microbes and toxins don't "try" to get into our bodies to hurt us. The notion of this is simply a modern version of the age-old belief in the force of evil spirits and demonic possession as the cause of disease.

The brain directs our bodies to swell up or produce more of certain kinds of tissue (for example, white blood cells) or ramp up our metabolism to give us fevers. And the brain does these things for very good, biologically-evolved reasons.

If it was incoming invaders that "made" our bodies do these things, then everyone would be allergic to the same things, everyone would get the same infections and diseases just by coming into contact with the same germs as each other.

Which, as we all know, is not what really happens.

Auto-immune disorders, immunodeficiency and other immune system problems, like all diseases, are brain-mediated responses to the experiences that people have had. People who suffer from auto-immune disorders may be concerned about allergens, viruses, T-cell counts, toxins, etc, but these are the tiny details of the disorders, not the causes or mechanisms.

Like all diseases, the symptoms are just brain-mediated responses to the external environment. The reason that immune problems are much more common among wealthier, more educated people, is because the middle class tends to be much more afraid of their environment. This is probably because educated people are much more likely to have sedentary lives and sedentary jobs, gazing at the world through a window or on a television or computer screen or reading about the world's dangers in a magazine or newspaper. It is a simple fact of Nature that when any creature does not have much opportunity to hone its physical skills, it loses those skills or never develops them in the first place.

The nobility has long felt that life is a case of "man against nature," and the quest for power is really just a need to manage our surroundings and experiences. When we strive for wealth and power, we are not striving for the trappings of urban life, we are striving for the perceived safety of a controlled existence.

The specific symptoms of the various immune deficiency and auto-immune disorders are virtually always healing-phase or healing crisis symptoms. A German New Medicine® practitioner can look at the healing symptoms and immediately trace them back to an experiential cause, mediated by the brain, in accordance with biological law.

When people live with a chronic subconscious fear or mistrust of the world around them, they're going to do two things: first, they'll live a life with little variation. Second, they will develop phobias about certain aspects of their environment. When you believe that your body is mechanically or chemically controlled by your environment, you live in a chronic state of fear of the components of your environment. A person with this philosophy of life tries to control the environment instead of solving the real problem - which is whatever experiences are triggering the disease and healing process in the first place.

Because the cause of the symptoms is misunderstood, people with immune system problems begin to react to their own reactions, and then put the blame on any aspect of their physical environment was recently out of their control.

Essentially, then immune deficiency and auto-immune disorders are simply vicious circles like addictions or phobias, in which the healing symptoms of a disease become a chronic re-triggering of the disease process, simply because the person is unable or unwilling to address the real underlying basis of the experience.

So the best place to start with healing immune system problems such as auto-immune disorders, immune deficiency, allergies, and so on is to go back to square one and understand how the body works with its environment in the first place. Look at the symptoms and trace them to the conflict experiences that cause those types of experiences.

Approaching auto-immune disorders as problems of the immune system's failure to "do its job" simply doesn't work. It takes those who can afford it a huge amount of time and energy to deal with their symptoms through this approach, through multiple regimens and treatments and technologies, special foods, research. These are only partial and temporary fixes, not real solutions. Lots of money gets spent, while cures remain elusive and, at best, symptoms are merely controlled.

All diseases are the brain-mediated response to an experience that the individual has had. The brain coordinates healing responses. The brain creates the symptoms in the body, because the brain controls every single body system, tissue, organ, and metabolic process.

So, what's a person to do about her auto-immune disorder, immune deficiency problem, or allergy? That person needs to do what she needs to do with any disease: find the true causes of each symptom, and find real resolution to those causes. It doesn't mean that this will be easy to do. People become prone to so-called immune system problems very early in life through their upbringing and the worldview that they develop in their early experiences with life.

Then we get feedback from our own symptoms leading to new symptoms and the whole thing gets more complicated year after year. And usually when we have one symptom we'll often have several other symptoms. This is why most auto-immune disorders, immune deficiency problems, and other diseases attributed to the malfunctioning of the misunderstood "immune system" are really just syndromes - collections of symptoms occurring together.

There are solutions, nonetheless.

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