Yes, We Do Know What Causes Cancer


And because we know what causes cancer, we know how to prevent and cure it!

Every day, you get cancer. Every day, you heal from cancer. I myself have experienced, healed from, and been made better by ovarian cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and cancer of the breast, among others.

German New Medicine® healers know the causes of cancer; we know the two breast cancer causes, we know the cause of prostate cancer, we even know the causes of lung cancer. We know the causes of cancers that are rarely ever diagnosed but that most people experience at some point in their lives.

Cancer is greatly misunderstood and, as a result, unnecessarily feared. In our shared medical mythology, cancer is a kind of evil force that waits for an opportunity to "land" in some vulnerable part of our body. Once it lands, it begins to take on strength and takes hold of greater and greater parts of us until we succumb - unless, of course, we're blessed with a medical miracle.

Except that those who administer these medical interventions don't understand what causes cancer any more than their patients do. Not knowing cancer's real purpose, we become helpless in the face of it.

So, in our shared understanding, we must fight it. We must believe that cancer can be beaten. Like an evil foe.

But, the truth is, the war on cancer is being lost by conventional medicine.
German New Medicine®, which understands and is based in the five biological laws that apply to all diseases, views cancer from a completely different angle. Cancer, rather than a dreaded enemy that randomly attacks us, is in fact our own body's evolved, biologically-appropriate response to real events in our experience.

What, Exactly, Cancer is

Cancer is a term used for any situation in which an area of the body begins to develop more tissue than normal. Since, in the dominant paradigm of conventional medicine, this process is not understood, the assumption has been made that the tissue is growing "out of control" (not that any of our tissues ever grow within our control!) Because the condition is uncontrolled and not understood, it is called "invasive" and is greatly feared.

Just exactly the way that witches and evil spirits were feared during the Dark Ages. Right now, we are living in the Dark Ages of oncology and hundreds of people unnecessarily die each day - often from the effects of cancer treatments that are much more harsh than the cancer itself.

Cancer is named for the organ or tissue in which there is extra cell growth. For example, extra absorptive tissue in the colon is called colon cancer; extra basal cells resulting in thickening and darkening of the skin are called basal cell carcinoma.

There are over 200 different types of cancer, all misunderstood, though some less feared than others because the tissues grow and change in a more consistent pattern and therefore give the illusion of being "under control."

The main categories of cancer include:

* Carcinoma - extra cells in the dermis or in tissues that line or cover internal organs.

* Sarcoma - extra tissue in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system, which includes bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or other connective or supportive tissue.

* Leukemia and Lymphoma - extra numbers of one or another of the component cells of the blood, plasma, or lymphatic fluid.

The Consequence of Understanding What Causes Cancer

After I investigated the principles of German New Medicine® and learned what causes cancer - as well as the causes of all other diseases - a very interesting thing happened to me. I developed psychic abilities! Suddenly I was finding out people's deepest psychological experiences and fears, just from their ordinary small talk about symptoms of cancer. When someone lamented the types of cancer that "run in the family," I knew that family's "dirty little secrets" better than they themselves did. When people gathered at a table at the cafe commiserated about their experiences with losing loved ones to a certain kind of cancer, I would instantly know what sorts of relationships people with that kind of cancer tend to form.

You see, cancer makes a great topic of conversation, and I had learned the biological reasons behind the symptoms that people would talk about. There is nothing more interesting than cancer about which to start a conversation, commiserate, discuss technicalities, or offer support.

But there was a consequence: being psychic wasn't as nice as I once thought it would be. I suddenly felt that nearly everyone around me was freely broadcasting their deepest feelings and insecurities, and even though as a result I would know them very intimately, I could do nothing to help them except write down a web site address for them and wish them well. I watched an emaciated, terrified woman at a radiology clinic receive the sad results of her latest CT scan and saw her as she tried to deal with the news that she was going to die soon... and I knew very well how she might be helped, but could say nothing.

It's not like you can butt in on a conversation that someone is having about their cancer, even if you do know what they need to do about it. Nobody really wants all their intimate life situations to be talked about - most people just want to have support or a shoulder to cry on. You are also risking the wrath of the medical industry and everyone else who has a vested interest in maintaining the dominant paradigm. There's a multi-billion-dollar industry built around treating people based on the dominant cancer paradigm, and you must be careful about how you threaten that paradigm because people will often react very badly.

So, like any idea that will revolutionize society, there are real consequences for knowing the truth about what causes cancer, and you really have to be very careful about how you use it to help others.

However, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from learning how to heal yourself. I suggest that after you learn, you devote your energy to living a healthy, long, happy life. If you would like to help others, just share the simple truth of your own healing story with them and leave people to make their own choices.

Cancer: a Great Mystery

Cancer is just about the scariest diagnosis anyone will ever get only because cancer is shrouded in mystery. Because the vast majority of us - medical researchers included - don't really know what causes cancer, we depend on a series of medical hypotheses:

- the hypothesis of genetic control of cell behaviour and the rate and timing of cell division

- the hypothesis of carcinogens - substances or situations that sneak past our defenses into the genetic material of our cells

- the hypothesis of genetic mutation, in which cells are "fooled" into behaving selfishly instead of acting to support the whole person

- the hypothesis of uncontrolled growth by cells gone crazy

- the hypothesis of the toxicity of cancer cells

- the hypothesis of malignancy (literally, "born to be evil") in which cancerous tissues take over the body for their own purpose

- the hypothesis of metastasis (cancer cells dislocating and moving to other parts of the body to start new cancer)

... and many more.

These are all hypotheses, meaning they are ideas that have been proposed and are being tested. None of them is proved. Several have been disproved.

By contrast, German New Medicine® practitioners understand the basis of cancer through observation of patterns that take place in 100% of all cancer patients. The biological laws of disease are no more hypothetical than the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics.

What it boils down to is very good news for anyone who needs to find a solution right now: what causes cancer is exactly the same thing that causes every other disease known to humankind:

- an acute,

- serious, and

- isolating

life experience for which the cancer patient was completely unprepared.

What You've Been Taught About Cancer is Probably Wrong

There's a standard "cancer story:" the one that we all know in a general sense about "carcinogens" and "uncontrolled growth" and treatment to "get it out" or "kill the cancer cells."

Conventional thoughts on cancer refer to very few solid facts. Because the paradigm is virtually all speculation with little reliance on empirical reality, there is no rhyme or reason to help us predict how long it will take cancer victims to become dangerously ill, or to recover, or whether chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation will hinder their healing or help them to become cancer-free more quickly. It's all up in the air.

This is why a cancer diagnosis is so terrifying. It's all those unknowns.

In the early 1980's Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered something about cancer that was true in 100% of his more than 10,000 cancer cases. He called this factor the "Iron Rule of Cancer." It was an event that took place and triggered every single cancer case that he examined.

Without fail, every one of the dozens of types of cancer begins with a single kind of event in a person's life experience. The type of experience that the person had determines the type of cancer that the person developed.

And the cancer, which is really just rapid growth of tissues in some part of the body, always has a very good reason. The extra cells are not "bad" cells. They're reinforcements of good cells to help your body do a better job for you.

Medical researchers are correct about one thing: if we discover what causes cancer, we can cure it. Dr. Hamer proved this, because after his discovery of the Iron Rule of Cancer, his cancer patients had long-term survival rates of over 90% - in some cases a complete reversal of the expected survival rates from conventional medical approaches.


Cancer is tissue growth that is governed by our own brains. The "controller" of cell growth or death is innervation - that is, electrical connection - from the nerve centre of our body: the brain. Cancer is therefore controlled by our own brain.

The growth and proliferation of cells actually increases the functionality of the tissues that the "cancer" cells are part of. So the cancer cells are a normal part of our body, but a part of our body that is being directed by our brain to do its job more than it normally does. There is nothing meaningless about the process, nor anything "malignant" about the growth of tissue.

The real danger of cancer is not in the proliferation of the cells, the growth of the tissues, or the hyperactivity of those tissues. The danger is that whatever problem in our life the brain and the tissues it is directing are trying energy. For this reason, the extra tissues are actually vital to helping us solve the real problem in our lives. If we cut out or burn or chemically destroy our cancer cells, we are working against Nature's effort to solve our problem in life.

In rare situations, cancer can also be dangerous if the enlarged tissues block off some vital bodily function, such as a bowel cancer that blocks the intestinal passage off.

However, in these Dark Ages of oncology, the greatest danger for most cancer patients is that chemotherapy, radiation, or radical surgery will take more of their strength than they can afford to spare.

It is very difficult to find support for holistic healing of cancer. There is a lot of misinformation out there that has to be overcome before the practical application of these holistic healing principles can be possible. This means that, to heal your cancer, you not only have to understand your conflict and your body's response to it, but you may have to also deal with the profoundly opposed view of family, friends, and medical practitioners - especially if they think they may have had a part in the creation of your cancer. When I had healed from my ovarian cancer and was attempting to share my healing story with my family, they became outraged that I had "unnecessarily risked my life" (as I sat there before them in robust health) and some of them no longer speak to me because of this great fear of opposing the dominant paradigm.

The best defense, then, is a few cc's of love and a healthy dose of understanding.

So get a cup of tea, put up your feet, and read all about how cancer works and how it can be - and very often is - overcome by real people just like you.

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