Lishui Springford

I'm Lishui Springford, a German New Medicine® practitioner and founder of this web site.

My background is not medicine; it's science and life - ecology, parenting, holistic health, consciousness work, and other adventures of the mind and spirit that were gifted to me as a member of the Community of Life. Like other German New Medicine practitioners, I am fascinated and overjoyed at the beauty of Nature's logic, and I work to bring this joy to those who would like to receive it.

We are living in a time of immense change. Things are shifting and changing faster than they have in history, because our culture is beginning a massive paradigm shift toward an economic system that is not based on the profit motive.

As a result of our society's way of seeing the world as a sort of clockwork machine best left in the hands of "experts," we the people of modern times have come to depend on outsiders to take care of us, instead of depending on our own biologically-based ability to embrace the full understanding of how our own bodies work. We are becoming more and more afraid of Nature, of our own bodies, of germs and toxins and cancers and bad genetics and a host of other external evils that we don't understand.

Modern medicine is really very new. But it's different from Medieval medicine only because of a series of medical hypotheses put forward in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. One after another of these hypotheses has been debunked in the last thirty years, and the proliferation of holistic modalities over that time period is a direct result of that...

...because the alternative is to go back to the Dark Ages.

A German New Medicine® practitioner does not deal with handed-down medical school theory, nor does he or she seek to take sides in a battle against disease.

Instead, a typical German New Medicine® session involves finding out as much about what is going on in a client's life, getting to know the person as the unique being that he or she truly is. And then we apply the biological laws and look for real solutions to real problems.

With a German New Medicine® practitioner helping you to understand your condition, you will not be relegated to a waiting room, subjected to impersonal and mechanistic procedures, or have statistics thrown at you. You will be taught to understand what is going on in your life and how that is affecting your mental and physical state. From there, you'll work together with your practitioner to find real solutions.

The only significant obstacle to understanding is a closed mind. Be willing to learn, to think independently, and to be continually amazed at the miracle that is Life. With this willingness, you'll be a German New Medicine® healer yourself before you know it.

To your health,