The Healing Crisis

The Healing Crisis


A necessary part of every healing phase


There is a special event that always occurs during the healing phase of every disease. In German New Medicine® terminology, this healing crisis is called the "epileptoid crisis."

This crisis event is not a third stage of the disease process; rather, it is an event that occurs within the second, healing, phase of disease. Its purpose is to shake up the person's system by a quick re-play of the original conflict-shock (DHS) experience. The magnitude of the healing crisis is in direct proportion to the magnitude of the healing work that must take place, which, in holistic healing, is in exact proportion to the magnitude and duration of the original conflict situation.

How could anyone possibly benefit from a crisis experience, especially after having endured a terrible conflict-shock and then unpleasant healing symptoms? Why should Nature inflict this extra torture on disease victims?

The answer is that this is a necessary part of the great pattern that governs the flow of energy through natural systems.

During the conflict-active phase, every available bit of energy is devoted to solving the conflict. The conflict-active phase naturally ends the moment that a resolution is found. However, the healing phase has no such natural ending point! Healing phase symptoms will deepen and deepen and deepen until we have no energy left at all for living our lives.

Nature has simply built the crisis into the healing phase as a sort of oscillation, to force the system, once it has substantially completed its healing, back toward normalcy. The purpose of the healing crisis is to turn the whole system around. It's a kind of "wake-up call" that reminds our whole system to get back on track and finish its healing business.

This is why it occurs just at the deepest phase of healing. Healing symptoms are at their worst right before the healing crisis.

The crisis can be anything from a sneeze to a shivering fit to a heart attack. Its form is determined by one factor only: the nature of the original DHS, or conflict-shock experience. Its intensity is also determined by only two factors: the magnitude and duration of the original conflict-shock experience.

It is because the intensity of this crisis is determined by the magnitude of the conflict-active phase of the disease process that it is important in a holistic healing approach to be as mindful as possible about our life situation in order to bring conflict experiences to resolution as quickly as possible, or to at least downgrade their intensity as much as possible. This will minimize the healing crisis, which is often the most unpleasant part of healing.

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Fifth Biological Law

Fifth Biological Law: the quintessence of Nature's intelligent design


Intelligent design theory is considered "pseudoscientific" or even "junk science." There is usually no place for it in a scientific discussion, and almost never in the raw, clinical coldness of a medical facility.

The phrase came from fundamentalist Christians who were working to circumvent the legal ruling that the theory of evolution could be taught as a scientific theory, while the creation story of the Book of Genesis could not be presented as a science teaching.

I'm a scientist, but I have always loved the phrase "intelligent design," because it so eloquently conveys the incredibly elegant reality of the patterns of Nature, including those that govern disease and healing. This phrase is much closer to the reality of the way the world works than the boring, mechanical concepts of "random mutation" and "natural selection."

Whether the God of Christianity or the non-God of mechanistic science was the creator of these beautifully-efficient patterns and governing laws does not change the truth: the system is intelligent. It's beyond intelligent, in fact; it's pure genius.

The Underlying Design, the Quintessence, or the Basic Meaning of Disease and Healing:

Every disease, discomfort, illness, or symptom is a significant and meaningful part of a special biological program of Nature. Each symptom of each disease makes total sense in the context of our ontogeny and our evolution.

Regardless of our religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

We are taught in school and by the society around us that everything in the whole universe tends toward disorder and that if we don't work at it, everything will fall apart. This is our misinterpretation, and this misinterpretation leads to a lot of suffering.

Why would God or Nature produce a world that is always just barely keeping itself from utter collapse?

Nature takes care of itself, with perfect efficiency - and with profound intelligence. Nothing in Nature is ever meaningless or "malignant." We are part of Nature, and therefore Nature takes care of us as it takes care of itself - with perfect efficiency and never a single molecule of meaningless waste.

Every conflict-shock that we experience that catches us off-guard triggers a special biological program of Nature that assists us in resolving the actual conflict situation.

Every disease - physiological or mental or emotional - can be seen as a meaningful, most efficient, completely appropriate, and temporary program of Nature. That's the quintessential meaning of the forces unleashed upon us as part of this vastly intelligent design.

Every program of Nature pulls us toward wholeness - health - never in the direction of deterioration. It is only conflict-shock experiences, unresolved, that pull us away from health. Nature's intelligent design immediately works to move us back toward wholeness.

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Second Biological Law

The Second Biological Law: Two Phases of Holistic Healing


Holistic healing - that is, the entire disease and healing process from start to finish - involves a very specific pattern of events.

Since it's a biological law of nature, this pattern of events always occurs in exactly the same sequence, though the timing may change, or the sequence of events can get hung up at one stage, or the sequence of events can be interrupted and start from the beginning again.

The pattern of events in holistic healing is simple. When (and only if) there is a resolution to a conflict-shock experience, every disease process, from measles to meningitis, occurs in two phases:

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Third Biological Law

Third Biological Law: the underlying ontogeny system of disease


Ontogeny isn't really a word tossed around in everyday conversation, but it's actually a fascinating topic, and a key to several of life's greatest mysteries, including the mystery of how and why disease and healing occur.

In fact, a basic understanding of the ontogenetic system of diseases reveals that the processes of disease and healing are actually very precise and completely consistent from one person - and one species - to the next.

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First Biological Law

First Biological Law: the DHS

The iron rule of all disease

If everyone learned only one thing about holistic medicine, the Iron Rule of the DHS would still make us all expert healers.

The Iron Rule goes like this:

Every disease originates from a

* serious,

* highly acute,

* dramatic, and

* isolating

conflict-shock experience.

That's it. That's the truth about disease in a nutshell.

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